More first person narratives and essays

Field of Dreams
Some guys buy a sports car, have an affair or get a tattoo in mid-life crisis.  He did something crazier--returned to the scene of his wayward youth--and emerged redeemed.
Spirituality & Health, July / August 2015
Daddy? Can I have a pet rat?
Alison would not be deterred. So we gave her a task: Do some research.
The Christian Science Monitor Weekly, August 2015
My Cape Argus Experience
How I traveled halfway around the globe to find the passion in my heart.
Twin Cities Sports, April / May 2008
Crash Course in Curling
One man takes to the ice, broom in hand.
Metro, December 2006
Why We Shave
My wife doesn't understand why I shave my legs.
Twin Cities Sports, October / November 2006
One Man’s Quest to Best the President
Twin Cities Sports, March 2003
Hello Hot Lips!
Asking Maria to marry me was the easy part.  Winning over her parents was trickier.
Bridal Guide, January / February 2001
Chariot of Fire
Tennis magazine sent me to Texas to find out how the wheelchair set’s best fares against an average player like me.
Twin Cities Sports, October 2000
Nine Months
A pregnancy scare sends a wife to bed and John Rosengren into a state of anxiety
Minnesota Monthly, August 2000