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Sext Ed
It doesn’t matter if she gets all As. Or if he has good friends. For teenagers, sending and receiving nude photos is as common as underage drinking and having sex. But when images go viral, parents, schools, law enforcement, and victims are struggling to deal with the fallout.
Minnesota Monthly, September 2017
America's Addiction to Pain Pills
AMERICANS OVER 50 are using narcotic pain pills in surprisingly high numbers, and many are becoming addicted. While media attention has focused on younger people buying illegal opioids on the black market, dependence can also start with a legitimate prescription from a doctor: A well-meant treatment for knee surgery or chronic back troubles is often the path to a deadly outcome.
AARP Bulletin, June 2017
The Loons Rise
This spring, Minnesota United FC ascends to soccer's big time. What's its business plan in a sports-saturated market?
Twin Cities Business, May 2017
How simple conversation turned adversaries into friends
An unexpected friendship between an anti-war activist and a Vietnam vet developed thanks to one discussion about peace.
U.S. Catholic, February 2017
The Casino Trap
As the gambling industry booms, aggressive marketing targets older patrons
AARP Bulletin, October 2016
Bet Your Life
As problem gambling ensnares some in a nightmarish cycle of compulsion and shame, one innovative Minnesota center is at the forefront of treatment
Minnesota Monthly, May 2016
Best Feature Story, Third Place, Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists
The Irreverent Relics of the Baseball Reliquary
It's been called "the fans' Hall of Fame," "the antithesis of Cooperstown," and "the motherlode vein leading to the heart and soul of baseball." And yes, that's a jock strap behind glass.
Vice Sports, August 2015
LeMond’s Next Ride
Can America’s only Tour de France champion conquer the endurance test that is business?
Twin Cities Business, May 2015
A Game of Their Own
They play the national pastime a little differently in Lake Tomahawk, snowshoe baseball capital of the world.
Sports On Earth, July 2014
The Goal
When Warroad and Roseau renew one of the best rivalries in sport, it’s more than a game.
SB Nation, February 2013
Teen Sex 3.0
We’re in the midst of a new sexual revolution among urban and suburban youth. 
Mpls. St. Paul magazine, January 2011
User Friendly
The drug world has changed since you were in high school
Minnesota Monthly, June 2010
Sacred Rights of the International Two Spirit Gathering
Gay and transgender Native Americans find acceptance in tradition
Utne Reader, February 2009
Runaway Bride
Seven years old, she walked and walked to escape her fate: circumcision and marriage to a man with five wives
Mpls. St. Paul, January 2007
Dr. Feelgood
Dr. Stephen Zuckerman wanted to ease the suffering of his patients. He ended up putting his career in danger
Minnesota Law & Politics, April / May 2006
To Hell and Back
Imagine the torture of Idi Amin. The torment of losing your soul. A place where you can find it again
Mpls. St. Paul, January 2005
Honorable Mention for Reporting on a Significant Topic from the American Society of Journalists & Authors, 2006
Let Us Play
The Spiritual Side of Sports
U.S. Catholic, January 2004
Shark Attack
He swam into bloody waters to save a stranger
Reader's Digest, October 2003
Court Reservations
USTA Magazine, November / December 2001