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The Rocket Richard Riot
SB Nation, March 11, 2015
“No one can know when the anger of men, whipped indefinitely, becomes sculpted into political revenge. And more, it is not just a matter of hockey.” —Quebec journalist André Laurendeau
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Hank Greenberg: Superstar & Scapegoat
The Hebrew Hammer’s complicated relationship with the people of Detroit
Michigan History, September/October 2014
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Harvey Haddix's Heartbreak: Fifty years ago, one Pirates pitcher suffered the worst tough-luck loss of all time.
MLB Insiders Club Magazine, Summer 2009
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The Lakers vs. The Globetrotters
How One Game Paved the Way for Integration of the NBA
Mpls. St. Paul, March 2008
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Honorable mention as Outstanding Article from the American Society of Journalists & Authors, 2009




Crossing the White Line:
As baseball’s first African-American manager, Frank Robinson furthered Jackie Robinson’s legacy but failed to fully integrate the game
History Channel Magazine
, May/June 2007
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Fists of Freedom: When American Joe Louis squared off against German Max Schmeling, he fought for more than personal vindication. He fought to free his people and preserve democracy
The History Channel Magazine, January/February 2005.
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Opening Day, 1946:  Before it could heal the nation, baseball at the close of World War II had some healing of its own to do
The History Channel Magazine, May/June 2003
When President Bush pitched a strike at Yankee Stadium shortly after the September 11 attacks, I was intrigued by the president’s use of baseball to rally the nation during troubled times and set out to find the precedent.
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